Thomas Campion

Londres 1567-Londres 1620




Faine would I wed a faire yong man...



The Fourth Booke of Ayres
by Thomas Campion.

Faine would I wed a faire yong man that day and night could please mee,
When my mind or body grieued that had the powre to ease mee.
Maids are full of longing thoughts that breed a bloudlesse sicknesse,
And that, oft I heare men say, is onely cur'd by quicknesse.
Oft I haue beene woo'd and prai'd, but neuer could be moued ;
Many for a day or so I haue most dearely loued,
But this foolish mind of mine straight loathes the thing resolued ;
If to loue be sinne in mee that sinne is soon absolued.
Sure I thinke I shall at last flye to some holy Order ;
When I once am setled there then can I flye no farther.
Yet I would not dye a maid, because I had a mother :
As I was by one brought forth I would bring forth another.



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