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Rue du Gollet, 2
4600 VISE
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The Athénée Royal of Visé is a school of the French speaking Community of Belgium. It is thus situated in Visé, a nice, little, semi-rural town crossed by the river Meuse, in the east of Belgium.
At 15 kilometres from Liège, Visé is also really close to the Flemish area (15 km from Tongeren), to the Netherlands (15 km from Maastricht) and to Germany (25 km from Aachen).

The A R V is one of the most important and famous schools in the area. Every day it hosts close to 2000 young people on its 4 sites.

It offers all types of teaching (from 2 ½ to 18 years of age) :

The school year lasts from September 1st to June 30th.
Scheduled holidays are :
1 week for All-Saints
2 weeks for Christmas
1 week for carnival
2 weeks for Easter.

In secondary school, the youths attend 32 periods a week (with a break on Wednesday afternoon).

Determined to look towards the future, our school is equipped with top material and many computers labs (more than 100 personal computers available to students).

Our students take part in various extra curricular activities such as :
Language exchanges ( Spain, the Netherlands, Germany,….)
Speech tournaments
Training in enterprises
Cultural journeys abroad
Sports activities.

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