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My opinion about « the unknown cultures week ».

Hajar Cheffi

 When the unknown cultures activities began, I was really nervous! My first talk was very hard because I was under stress and it wasn’t an easy class! Talk after talk I gained confidence and even did some extra work.

 Personally I preferred to do talks to lower classes because we didn’t have to explain the theory but only spoke about different cultures with them. For the 3rd formers we did the same first activity but besides that, they speak told us about heir cultures. From the the 4th to the 6th we showed them the pictures and did some theorical work.

 The last day we welcomed two different schools: one class of the “Athénée de Verwée” and an another class from an Antwerp school. With my team we presented the unknown cultures to the Antwerp school. It was funny but difficult to speak with them in French with them because they speak Dutch.

 To conclude, I really liked this week even if it was arduous! It was a good exercise for me to overcome my shyness! Of course we couldn’t have made it without our team work and above all the confidence of Mrs. Dufrasne, our teacher of social sciences.

 Translated by: Kelly, Mike, Ashley and Mary

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